Looking for a Civil Litigation Lawyer in the greater Ocean Township, NJ Area?

Get help clearing up your civil disputes in Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex Counties by hiring an experienced civil litigator

When you need a lawyer, you don’t have time to waste. The Law Offices of Albert J. Rescinio, LLC can handle your civil litigation needs. Our firm works hard to help you clear up your disputes and receive the compensation you deserve. Call 732-531-2005 or 855-515-5525 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer based in Ocean Township, NJ.

5 types of cases we’ll help you with

We handle general civil litigation and more specialized cases like:

  1. Collection: Receive compensation for small claims court cases.
  2. Foreclosure: Save your home.
  3. Consumer defense: Protect your rights as a consumer.
  4. Personal injury defense: Manage your reputation.
  5. Contract disputes: Keep your business on stable ground.
We’ll work hard to help you receive the money and peace of mind you need.

Call 732-531-2005 or 855-515-5525 to schedule your free 30-minute consultation regarding civil litigation based in Ocean Township, NJ.