Secure Your Family’s Future With Attorney Rescinio

Secure Your Family’s Future With Attorney Rescinio

Talk to an Ocean, NJ estate planning lawyer about wills and trusts

While nobody wants to think about death, it’s important to have a plan in place for the unexpected. You want to be sure your debts and financial affairs are in order for your family’s peace of mind. The Law Offices of Albert J. Rescinio, LLC offers estate planning services for Ocean, New Jersey residents.

Do you know the difference between a will and a trust? A will goes into effect after you die while a trust can take effect as soon as it’s created. A will provides direction on who will receive property upon your death and appoints a legal representative to carry out your wishes. A trust only covers property that is included in the trust. Contact The Law Offices of Albert J. Rescinio today to create your trust or will.

We’ll discuss the different types of wills and trusts

When you’re in the process of drafting your will, it’s important to understand your options. Attorney Rescinio will talk to you about the right will for you, such as:

  • Simple wills that leave instructions in a straightforward manner
  • Trust-related wills used in conjunction with trusts
  • Handwritten and oral wills created without an attorney

You want to be sure your wishes are carried out after you’re gone including who is going to handle your finances, who is going to get your money, who is going to take care of your children. Speak with an attorney about securing your future in the Ocean, NJ area.