You’re in Charge of What You Leave Behind

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You’ve worked hard to build up your wealth and assets. Make sure they don’t go to waste after your death. The Law Offices of Albert J. Rescinio, LLC will help you:

  • Plan your estate
  • Draft your will
  • Create trusts for your children
  • Plan your long-term care
  • Write down your end-of-life arrangements
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3 tips to help you plan your estate

Preparing for the end of your life can seem morbid, but it’s one of the smartest things you can do to make sure you leave behind the legacy you want to. Follow The Law Offices of Albert J. Rescinio, LLC’s three tips to get started preparing your estate:

  1. Prepare your will as soon as possible. Without this document, you won’t have control over who inherits many of your assets.
  2. Appoint an executor of your will to handle your asset distribution after your death. This person should be healthy and business-savvy.
  3. Check that your insurance beneficiaries are properly named.

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