Have You Received a Notice Regarding a DWI You Received Between 2008-2016?

Have You Received a Notice Regarding a DWI You Received Between 2008-2016?

Over 20,000 cases are under review, and yours could be one of them

Allegations have been raised against State Police Sgt. Marc Dennis for skipping a step to make sure Alcotest breathalyzers function properly. This has called into question DWI’s issued in Monmouth, Somerset, Middlesex, Ocean, and Union counties.

The certifications for the Alcotest are absolutely critical for the scientific reliability of the testing procedures and readings. Any problem with the underlying certifications brings the accuracy into question. While it looks like they have only identified several towns at this point now that they know he has falsified on those documents, it brings into question every document he ever touched. It is extremely important if you were convicted of a DWI during this time, or have received a letter from your county’s prosecutor you contact The Law Offices of Albert J. Rescinio, LLC to protect your interests.

You may be entitled to monetary refunds and even more importantly in the event of any future DWI a step down in penalties if we go to court, and reopened their older DWI which may fall within the purview of these events and get it vacated. For example, a person who gets a 2nd offense and has had their prior DWI vacated is looking at a 3 month to one year loss of license (like a first offender again) instead of a mandatory two-year loss of license and 48 hours in the IDRC as well as potential jail time. If it was a 3rd offense the difference would be looking at a loss of license for 10 years on a 3rd as opposed to 2 years on a 2nd as well as 180 days in jail on a 3rd offense.

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